A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

This is the very first solo Twine game I ever completed. I wrote it for Molyjam 2013. It was based on this prompt:

"The whole of your body, except for your private parts, can be scarred. You are clothed most of the time, but not in front of your wife, and not when you swim, either. Don't forget, it's the emotion of being scarred."

It's got a silly core gag, but it's interesting to me as a personal artifact and the cover image I chose is superb. Basically, I am putting this game on itch in order to show off my excellent cover image choice. Jesus Christ, that's a good one.

Play The Cursed Sword of Shagganuthor online here.

There is nothing special about this game's structure, but if you'd like to see the Twine source files, download the .zip archive on this page and open scars.tws in OLD Twine (1.4.2).


Local version and Twine source file 771 kB

Install instructions

To run the game,

  • Unzip scars.zip
  • Open scars.html in the web browser of your choice.

To access the game's source text and code,

  • Open scars.tws in Twine 1.4.2
  • Inspect the stylesheet node to see CSS customization