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The Hunt began as an attempt to make THE LITERAL GAME STRATEGO IN TWINE. I told someone I could do it, so I tried, and it turns out that the stuff I thought would be hard-- making a big interactive map-- was actually really really damn easy.

So I taught myself a bit of javascript and wrote a macro to tile a map and save it every time the game was run. Then I hooked up an events system and a day/night cycle and another few little things and suddenly it wasn't Stratego, it was an exploration RPG with an overworld map.

My idea was to tell a story about a coming-of-age ritual for an alien growing up in the ranks of a sort of Evil Alien Empire. I wanted the experience to focus on learning about the character and their alien culture by deciphering euphemisms and light jargon. There would be three character classes, each representing a different specific person, so to speak, in the alien empire.

The random tile events, once I wrote them, would affect several different currencies, including three hidden currencies: hunger, rest, and stress. Whenever stress rose a rank, it would trigger the ability for the player to have a TERRIBLE NIGHTMARE when they tried to sleep. The nightmares would be the chief way of learning about the character's backstory.

I only ever wrote the nightmares for the underdog weakling character, the murecco. For the purposes of this jam build I have hooked up the murecco's nightmares directly to the rest system. In the final version of the game, it would have been impossible to see more than three nightmares at a time out of the nine available, so you'd need to play several times with one character to learn everything about them.

I honestly still love this idea of combining a tactical hunting game on an explorable tile map with randomized event storytelling and DANGEROUS NIGHTMARES, but I do not want to finish this game in Twine. I only uploaded this file for the Bring Out Your Dead jam. I would still love to make this game someday, perhaps with a group of people, though.

You can now play The Hunt online here

Install instructions

To play the game:

  • Download the HTML file
  • Open it in the browser of your choice

To see the game source:

  • Download the source zip
  • Unzip it all into the same folder
  • Open the twine files in Twine 1.4.2, not Twine 2
  • Open the javascript files in the text editor of your choice to see my custom map tiling and other macros


The Hunt HTML file 148 kB
Hunt Game Source Folder 186 kB

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