A downloadable interactive story for Windows and macOS

This is an unfinished Twine story I spent almost a year writing in 2011 and early 2012. It was my first long Twine project. It is a sort of bildungsroman where you play a fish-person who lives in a rural community on a planet inhabited entirely by fish-people.

It is set in a universe in which I have tried 3 (three) (goddamn THREE) times to set a sort of Jules-Verne-seque science-fiction novel. I have written over 200 pages of abortive novel attempts about this civilization of amphibious ocean-punk fish-people and about their interactions with various interdimensional turn-of-the-20th-century human bandits and criminals who attempt to colonize fish-planet.

The game is a narrative twine game with a branching story. If you would like to see the whole existing story in one playthrough, you must choose to be a Caravaner during the choice where the game asks you what profession you would like to learn during your first year. If you do not care about seeing the whole story, you can try playing the Builder section first-- you will see some slight differences in description and story this way. Eventually during the Builder section, you will exhaust the written material, come to an empty passage, and be unable to continue.

This game was uploaded for the Bring Out Your Dead jam and I have no intentions, currently, of finishing it or extending it in any way. My sense of this fantasy world has evolved dramatically over the last five years and I am not interested in portraying it in this particular way anymore.

You can now play Under the Village online here


Under The Village HTML file 163 kB
Under The Village Twine file 103 kB

Install instructions

To play the game:

  • Download the HTML file
  • Open it in the browser of your choice.

To view the Twine source file:

  • Download the Twine file
  • Open it in Twine 1.4.2


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I didn't finish it, but I found the world really interesting.